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Do you want to do the barite ultra-fine grinding mill trial?

Date:2018-08-11 14:20

Barite is a very important non-metallic mineral raw material, which is widely used in industry.
Barite is used as heavyweight addictive of drilling fluid. In this field, barite will be crushed and then mixed with other materials. During the process of drilling some oil and gas wells, the blowout accident will happen when the mud mixture can not counteract with the force of the underground oil or gas. In the case of high underground pressure, it is necessary to increase the proportion of mud. Adding the barite powder to the mud mixture would be helpful under such circumstance. Frankly speaking, the requirement of the barite used in this process should be come into notice-its powder should be no less than 325 mesh. If this demand fails, the sediments is going to appear.
There is no doubt that barite can make a big difference in other fields, too. However, this is a complicated process. After the barite being quarried, it has to undergo several stages of processing before being put into actual use. The first stage is the mineral beneficiation. And flotation is the most frequently used way in this phase. This aims to obtain the purity.
Barite ore crushing is usually the second step. Barite jaw crusher or impact crusher is often applied in this phase. This process can make the barite stone become into coarse powder barite. And if the barite powder supplier want to increase the barite role in many industry fields, powder processing machine must be applied.
Unit: KW HGM80 HGM90 HGM100 HGM125 HGM1680
Main Unit 55-75 2*45 132 185-200 315
Classifier 18.5 18.5 30 37-4*15 5*18.5
Blower 45 55 75 2*45-2*55 2*75-2*90
Crusher 18.5 18.5 18.5 45 45
Bucket Elevator 3 3 4 4 7.5
Feeder 2.2 2.2 2.2 3 3
Discharging Valve 2*0.75 1*0.75-1*1.1 2*1.1 2*1.1 2*0.75-2*1.5
Air Compressor 11 15 22 2*15-37 55
Ultra-fine powder grinding machine in Shanghai Clirik Machinery Company is a representative product. On the basis of other grinding mills, ultra-fine grinding machine has been designed to  face more fierce market competition. In general, this machine can make the powder reach 2500 mesh. This result will be also affected by the raw grinding ore. Giving to this, our company is willing to provide the trial for the customers. If you are interested in our ultra-fine grinding machine, you can come to our factory with your ore sample. 

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