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Abnormal pulverizing of Raymond mill

Date:2018-09-17 15:50

Raymond mill, also known as pendulum mill, is a traditional ore grinding equipment and is used to grind large pieces of ore into powder, thereby increasing the rational use of resources. Raymond mill is widely used in many kinds of ores whose Moh’s hardness is not high. More specifically, these ores are usually with the hardness below grade 8. In addition, they have to be the non combustible and explosive metal ores and non-metallic ores are at a humidity below 6%.
Users who buy Raymond mill want the mill to have a high efficiency and good performance . If the grinding effect of the mill is not ideal, the previous work will be wasted. However, during the operation of Raymond mill, some abnormal problems can not be avoided, resulting in too coarse or too fine powder, or even in serious cases, no powder blockage occurs. So what are the causes and solutions?
The powder lock is not well sealed. If in the Raymond mill grinding process, the powder lock seal does not work in place, it will form powder backdraft phenomenon, resulting in no output powder ore less powder, so you have to check the powder seal condition, adjusting the sealing degree.
Raymond Mill analysis machine did not play a role. Raymond mill analyzer is responsible for analyzing the size of the finished powder. This part is to check that whether it meets the finished product standards or it needs to be grinded again. In the case of serious wear and tear of the blades of the analyzer, the analysis part can not play the role of classification and will cause the powder to be too coarse or too fine. In this case, a new blade can be helpful.
Raymond mill fan has not been adjusted well. If the air volume of the fan of Raymond mill is not adjusted properly and the air volume is too large, it will also cause abnormal powder discharging of the mill. Then the powder discharging will be too coarse, the air volume is too small, and the powder discharging will be too fine.
The blade of Raymond mill needs to be replaced. Anyone who is familiar with Raymond Mill knows that Raymond Mill's spade is responsible for lifting materials. When the spade is used for a long time or the quality is not good enough, the wear is greater, the material can not be spade. And the grinding effect could fails our expectation.
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