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CLIRIK held speech contest of CLUM ultra-fine powder grinding mill

Date:2021-06-25 06:44:24

For a better customer experience, CLIRIK held a CLUM superfine powder vertical mill customer reception speech contest on the morning of June 25th, Beijing time.
CLUM superfine powder vertical mill customer reception speech contest

The background of this speech contest:

CLIRIK's CLUM ultra-fine powder vertical mill is designed and developed to adapt to the continuous development of China's powder industry.
Good products of good companies need to be promoted.
The theme of this competition is how to show customers the advantages of the CLIRIK Machinery high-end mill series CLUM ultra-fine powder vertical mill.
Regular business drills are a tradition of CLIRIK.
These competitions can arouse the enthusiasm of sales staff. It can also increase employees' sense of belonging and pride.
CLIRIK prepares rewards for this competition: RMB 500 for the first prize, RMB 300 for the second prize, and RMB 200 for the third prize.

Participants' situation:

After several rounds of selection, a total of 11 players entered the finals.
These 11 sales engineers are all old business elites with more than 5 years of experience. They are not only very good at the mill industry, but also have in-depth research on the downstream powder industry.
For this competition, they prepared professional and exquisite PPT speeches, each of which lasted about 15 minutes.

More secrets about the birth of CLUM ultra-fine powder grinding mill:

CLUM ultra-fine powder grinding mill
CLUM ultra-fine powder grinding mill

After 5 years of research and development and 3 years of customer promotion, CLIRIK's CLUM ultra-fine powder vertical mill series has already enjoyed a certain reputation in China.
According to market feedback, CLUM ultra-fine mills have been continuously improved. Now the performance has been improved day by day.
Those who know about CLIRIK will know that CLIRIK's HGM series 21/24/28 roller mills are already industry-leading products, so why does CLIRIK launch CLUM high-end ultra-fine mills?
1. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for high-end powders in various industries has become prominent.
2. With the deepening of people's environmental protection concept, the traditional inefficient and polluting mills can no longer meet the market demand.
3. As we all know, China is the world's factory, and the competition in China's powder industry is also fierce.
4. The population expansion and the continuous increase of land prices are also opportunities for people to choose smaller and more efficient mills.
5. China's industrial upgrading has eliminated a large number of old craftsmanship and low-profit industries.
It is in this environment that China's powder industry is developing rapidly and is now in a leading position in the world. The continuous escalation of China's domestic powder demand makes China's mills have a demonstrative effect for other countries in the world.
After 3 years of market testing, the CLUM series ultra fine powder mill has withstood the test of the discerning Chinese market.
The high recognition of the market makes CLIRIK confident to promote the CLUM ultra-fine powder vertical mill to the world. Bring higher-quality products and life to more countries.

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