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Stone powder got its expected result under the action of Raym

Date:2018-10-25 15:07

The purchase of stone mills has always been the focus of customers. When purchasing mills, customers often find the target manufacturer by querying some professional B2B platforms or searching for network keywords. After the basic information is clear, there is a step that can not be ignored, that is, the mill test. The customer can ask the mill manufacturer to grind the specified material and then decide whether to buy the machine according to the results of grinding.
Raymond mill is one of the most commonly used equipment for ore grinding. During the operation of Raymond mill, the roller is rolled tightly on the surface of the ring under the action of centrifugal force. At this time, the material will be transported to the space between grinding roller and the grinding ring by the blade, and then be ground into powder. After that, the powdered material will be transmitted to the analyzer under the action of the fan. The analyzer is a very critical device,powder that pass the analyzer inspection and meet the requirements will be collected, otherwise it will be re-grinded. This is a basic process of Raymond mill operation.
But sometimes there will be the problem that the powder has not gotten its expected result after grinding. What caused this? First of all, the customer must be aware that different types of Raymond mill can handle different material and the final powder fineness is not the same. Generally speaking, this problem can be avoided if customers and producers communicate adequately. In addition, the hardness of the material must also be within the grinding range of the purchased stone grinding mill. If the grinding material is too large and hard, many parts of the mill will be overwhelmed and worn. This is because the material of the parts of the stone mill itself has a certain degree of hardness. Grinding roller, grinding ring and blade are important parts for grinding mill. Therefore, these components should be repaired and replaced in time. It is also necessary to consider the power to support the mill operation. In order to better serve our customers, mills are generally available in terms of power and voltage. When purchasing the machine, customers should consider the voltage that their workshop can withstand, so that the mill can run smoothly.
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