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The satisfactory output powder of Raymond Mill

Date:2018-05-28 15:48

The market of Raymond Mill has been expanding with time. This machine possesses many characters, including high yield, convenient operation, much application and so on. It plays a significant role in processing ore materials and some other materials. With the increase of the application of all kinds of ore materials, there are more demands for the grinding device. And Raymond Mill is a distinguished representative machine among them.
This equipment could be applied in processing about 100 kinds of materials, such as calcite, marble, phosphate, pyrophyllite, kaolin, calcium carbonate, barite, fluorite, mica, dolomite and etc.. Customers who are not familiar with this machine may encounter many problems during operation, the installation of the mill, its maintenance, and working of quick-wear parts are all included. Here, we would like to share some ideas about the output powder of this stone grinding mill. The final powder fineness and the quantity of powder are top concerns for the customers. And what can we do if these two cannot reach the goal?
Well, check if the transferring part of powder mill is in good sealing situation. If it is not, the powder will have difficulty in being collected totally. Then, make sure that the blade works well. Next, if the air duct is under obstruction, the result also cannot be enjoyable. Therefor, regular cleaning is required.
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