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Ultra-fine grinding machine for carbon black, calcite and talc

Date:2018-08-31 14:11

Micro powder grinding machine has won its market for a long time. In the continuous renewal of ultra-fine grinding machine, powder processing technology becomes maturer, which naturally will be deeply loved by customers. Although micro powder grinding machine is known for its high working efficiency and uniform output powder fineness, such high-quality work can not be guaranteed all the time. And how can we do to keep this machine work well for a very long time?
Ultra-fine grinding machine is developed based on the domestic and foreign advanced technology and rich experience, its performance is relatively stable. The stable working performance is also related to the raw materials that being used in its body. In addition, the whole design of its structure also matters. As for these, it will be necessary for the interested customers to inspect the machine and talk with the technology staff face to face. The grinding process mainly depends on the extrusion of grinding roller to grinding ring. Both grinding roller and grinding ring are vulnerable parts of ultra-fine grinding, so they have to bear great pressure. These easily-wear parts need to be maintained in time. Material hardness is the key to affect the production efficiency of superfine grinding machine. Doing the trial with before purchasing is really important.
We know that the performance of ultra-fine grinding is very good, regular maintenance cannot be ignored in order to better play its performance. There are some tips here. First of all, regular cleaning of the equipment is required. As for damaged parts, replacing them if necessary. The above points are how to improve the efficiency of ultra-fine grinding machine. If you have any interest in this, please feel free to contact us.
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