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Aluminum Hydroxide Advantages And Processing Equipment

Date:2021-08-13 09:18:55

The chemical formula of aluminum hydroxide is Al(OH)3, which is a hydroxide of aluminum. It is a kind of alkali, because it shows a certain degree of acidity, it can also be called metaaluminate monohydrate (HAlO2•H2O), but when the actual aqueous solution reacts with the alkali, the tetrahydroxyaluminate Al(OH) is formed 4-. According to the purpose, it is divided into two types: industrial grade and pharmaceutical grade.

Aluminum Hydroxide Al(OH)3

Properties of aluminum hydroxide

With the development of production and science and technology, people continue to put forward various new requirements for materials. At this time, the emergence of polymer materials, including rubber, plastics, fibers, coatings, adhesives, etc., gradually met people's needs and had a huge impact on human production and life. In some special places (such as aerospace and submarine, etc.), they have even begun to replace traditional materials.
However, polymer materials have a common disadvantage, that is, most of them are flammable or combustible, and the oxygen index is mostly between 16%-19%. The oxygen content in the air is 21%, so as long as there is a fire source, these materials can be ignited in the air and maintain combustion. Obviously, such a polymer material does not meet the requirements of most occasions. Therefore, in order to transform it from a flammable/combustible material to a flame-retardant material that is not easy to be ignited or self-extinguishes soon after being ignited, the addition of flame retardant essential.
Among the optional flame retardants, aluminum hydroxide (also known as aluminum hydroxide trihydrate [AI(OH)3] and aluminum hydroxide, abbreviated as ATH) is a white powder with crystalline and amorphous resistance. Burning material. Because it has the three major functions of flame retardant, smoke suppression, and filling, and is chemically inert, non-toxic, and will not cause secondary pollution, it is known as a pollution-free flame retardant at home and abroad, and it is an inorganic flame retardant. A typical representative, accounting for more than 80% of the consumption of inorganic flame retardants.

Advantages of aluminum hydroxide

At present, the aluminum hydroxide used as a flame retardant on the market is mainly α-AI(OH)3, which belongs to the monoclinic system. Compared with other inorganic flame retardants, the advantages of aluminum hydroxide are mainly manifested in the following four aspects:

1. Outstanding heat absorption and cooling effect

The content of crystal water in aluminum hydroxide is as high as 34.46%. When the surrounding temperature rises above 300°C, all of this water will be precipitated. Due to the large specific heat of water, a large amount of heat energy needs to be drawn from the surroundings when it turns into water vapor. Magnesium hydroxide also contains crystal water, but the water content is only 30.6%, which is not as good as aluminum hydroxide.

2. Does not produce smoke and harmful or toxic substances during combustion

3. Large filling volume

4. Abundant resources, easy to obtain and low price

5. Wide application


Aluminum hydroxide processing process

High-pressure Raymond mill is used for aluminum hydroxide processing.
First, the materials are uniformly and continuously fed into the main machine for grinding, and the ground powder is carried out by the circulating air flow of the blower, and is classified by the analyzer above the main machine of the Raymond mill.
The powder that meets the specifications will enter the cyclone collector along with the wind flow and be discharged through the powder outlet tube to become the finished product. The air flow flows into the blower from the return air pipe at the upper end of the cyclone collector, and the entire air path system is closed circulation.

Raymond mill for aluminum hydroxide processing
High-pressure Raymond mill for aluminum hydroxide processing

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