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Processing Line of Petroleum Coke Powder

Date:2016-10-08 15:42

Petroleum Coke Powder Production Line mainly contains the following several aspects:

1. Crushing & screening: before the precalcination, green coke shall be pre-crushed into particles with the size less than 40mm and then crushed again after coarse screening. In addition, iron removal shall also be carried out. 
2. Calcination: to improve the density & intensity of petroleum coke raw materials and remove the moisture in such raw materials, calcination processing shall be carried out for the crushed green coke. Calcination refers to high-temperature dry distillation of the produced coal and various cokes of graphite products in the condition of isolating form the air, so that raw materials can have a series of great changes from elementary composition to tissue structure. 
Petroleum Coke Powder Production Line
3. Grinding: size of the petroleum coke through crushing by the crusher is no more than 5mm. Then such petroleum coke shall be ground into powder particles which can pass the sieve of 200 meshes and meet the demand of industrial combustion by YGM high pressure suspension grinding mill.
4. Material collection: materials after grinding will be sent to powder concentrator for grading by air flow of the fan. With the function of impeller of the powder concentrator, materials not complying with the requirement on fineness will fall into the grinding chamber for grinding again, while materials complying with the requirement will enter into cyclone powder collector along with the air flow through pipelines for separation & collection, and then become the finished product of powder after being discharged by discharge device. Air flow after the separation will enter into the fan through return duct at upper end of the cyclone powder collector. It is a closed circulation system and works in the condition of positive & negative pressure. Since the materials ground in grinding chamber contain certain moisture, heat generated during the grinding will cause gas evaporation & expansion, which will change the system’s air flow rate. In addition to the leakproofness of the junction of feed inlet and various pipelines, the entering of external air makes air flow in the system lose balance. Therefore, lead the surplus air into bag-type dust remover by virtue of exhaust pipe valve at air outlet of the fan, and then discharge the surplus air after purification to realize environment-friendly production while adjusting air balance of the system. 

This is Composition of Petroleum Coke Powder Production Line, if  you have any question, please connect with us. 

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